Welcome to my humble little website! If you fell down the rabbit hole by accident, I hope you take a moment to kick the tires.

Two plus year ago I released my first book, Fixed: Dope Sacks, Dye Packs, and the Long Welcome Back, a memoir about a past that seems so foreign and far away to me that it almost seems like fiction. It won some decent awards, received a lot of attention and got some great reviews. I even sold a few copies, thank you. It was a surprise to everyone, most of all me.

You can browse the bookshelf yourself, right here!

So here we are, (my wife Terrell Lozada and I) in Paris, and I’m working on my next book, a little slice of chaotic fiction about the weirdest family on the planet. I hope you’ll like it. Have a look around the site. Feel free to share it and drop me a note, like I used to do to the bank tellers. It’s all appreciated.

Found a selfie stick on Paris park bench

Thoughts Untwisted

Who knows what will grab my attention. I’m a stream of consciousness kind of a guy. Everything is an unsolved mystery to me, and everything is related. I make the leap, I stub my toe, I wax, I wane, sometimes I rail, but I always aim to please. I know it’s a sickness, but I tend to demand attention. You would have been able to tell this by the multiple mug shots. It’s a mystery how my gordian thoughts come out untwisted on the page. Some people snap wet towels in a locker room, others do crosswords. This is what I do. I can’t tell you why. It may be a conversation for the couch. Suffice it to say, I’m looking for a strange neighborhood and it’s anybody’s guess what alleyway the clacking of the keys will lead me down. Hope you enjoy, and if you don’t, I hope you endure.

— Doug