Welcome to my website! If you fell down the rabbit hole by accident, I hope you take a moment to kick the tires.

It’s been a while since I released my first book, Fixed: Dope Sacks, Dye Packs, and the Long Welcome Back, a memoir about a past that seems so foreign and far away to me that it almost seems like fiction. It  received some attention and got some great reviews. I even sold a few copies, thank you. I have another book, agent ready and another ready to edit. And, a memoir about imigrating to France in progress. All this is to say, I aim to be a writer when I grow up.

You can browse the bookshelf yourself, right here!

Me reading a micro short story from Fixed at a Seattle theatre pre-publication.

So here we are, (my wife Terrell Lozada and I) in Paris, and I’m working on my next book, a little slice of chaotic fiction about the weirdest family on the planet. I hope you’ll like it. Have a look around the site. Feel free to share it and drop me a note, like I used to do to the bank tellers. It’s all appreciated.

Found a selfie stick on Paris park bench

Thoughts Untwisted

Who knows what will grab my attention. I’m a stream of consciousness kind of a guy. Everything is an unsolved mystery and everything is related. I make the leap, I stub my toe, I wax, I wane, sometimes I rail, but I always aim to please, mostly myself. I have no idea how my gordian thoughts untwist on the page, but I hope you enjoy, and if you don’t, I hope you endure.

— Doug