New challenge for ex-heroin addict: going vegan

I would have never thought I’d learn to be a vegan, which is just the latest in a whole lot of things I never thought I’d learn. Life is interesting ain’t it? Hope you enjoy this post on


There are two things you need to know about today’s guest blogger, Doug Piotter. First, nothing is off-limits when he writes, as evidenced by a health blog that includes words like penis, Depends and heroin. Second, dude’s funny, which is why I encourage you to get in line for advanced copies of his upcoming book, Fixed: dope, dye packs and welcomed back. Subscribe here, comment below or contact us to learn more.

I guess there’s a third thing too: You’ll want to read this. Enjoy.

Greener Pastures
By Doug Piotter

I’ve kicked heroin, so going vegan should be a piece of cake, without butter and eggs.

I recently got a Vegucation on Netflix, and like the unsuspecting victims in the documentary Vegucated, my wife and I also agreed to go vegan for six weeks.

The charming documentarian lured us in with a mixture of scientific data and comedy. I felt…

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One thought on “New challenge for ex-heroin addict: going vegan

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