Tenacious D.

Dale Carnegie said “most peoples favorite subject is themselves.” These days i’m no different, I’m in the post publish self promotion zone. “HEY, LOOK AT ME. LISTEN UP, I’M OVER HERE, HELLO!”

I started cold calling Barnes and Nobles book stores making my pitch, and to my astonishment right out of the gate I got a big fat yes for a few copies and my feeling of cheesiness just washed away. Not all cheese is Velveeta.

My ego instantly became my amigo and I embarked on a cellular road trip.

I’m starting here in Seattle and working my way down the west coast of our great country and then across the Grand Canyon, through all the cattle and oil rigs of Texas, then it’s up to the Motor city and Chicago before entering the mother ship of publishing, the big apple, where all the nay sayers reside.

So far i’m batting 625%, that would be leading the majors. Oh, don’t get me wrong, i’ve got my kleenex ready.

It’s not that i think that i’m the greatest, i just couldn’t get anyone else to do it for me. I am getting some no’s, and that’s O.K. One book store clerk said, “why should we carry your book?”, I said “because you’re a book store and it’s a book.”

I’ve been invited to speak to 150 juvenile offenders about my book and that’s what it really is all about.

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