Back inside my hula hoop.

I came late to the social media party and I’ve always been a bit of a recluse, so parties have always been intimidating to me. But hey, what else was I going to do with my fancy new computer but join the cool kids and dip my toe in the social media water.I discovered people who didn’t even know me would like me sight unseen, and who doesn’t want to be liked warts and all. I started collecting friends with abandon, like I did felonies as a kid. Young, old, far and near, male, female, it didn’t matter. The more the merrier. I soon found myself in the middle of this or that cause, because, “we need to stand up to this bullshit together.” Hey, I’m all in. Sure, I’ve got legitimate friends who I actually know and see face to face. But I’ve detoured down the cyber worm hole, way too invested in my new pseudo family’s lives. This time consuming venture is the narcotic of the future and extremely hard to kick. “It’s been 15 minutes since I last checked, I wonder what’s going on now?, could be of utmost importance.” I vaguely remember books, those paper thingy’s made from trees that transported me to different lands before discovering a new and improved fake universe. I collect bad habits in bunches. It used to be coke, heroin, cigarettes and jail. It’s recently been Facebook and internet news. I’m currently in internet news detox. I have flushed all sites down my computers toilet, scrubbing it clean and swearing them off past eternity. For now, all I need to know is what’s going on in my immediate physical world. I haven’t picked up an actual news paper since my beloved Post Intelligencer was murdered and laid to rest. Shameful. I’m pretty trustworthy, which can also be construed as naive, so all the sponsored sights On Yahoo news posing as Edward R. Murrow, I took to be the gospel. Not to mention the voyeuristic sights jockeying for affection that dare you to believe your eyes. I’m sure there must be an intensive care program for that. The world that lives inside my computer is a depressing place. I know there are bad guy’s in there, but I don’t need them living inside my head.

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