started this blog as a vehicle for My book Fixed: Dope sacks, dye packs and the long welcome back, which has gained a little bit of traction in its short, self-published life. But, what has happened in the interim? In part, a rhetorical question. The whole country got the D.Ts with no cure in sight. But let me put that smear in history away for a bit and speak on a personal level.

I completed a work of fiction about a young woman named Ample, who discovers, and owns her power, titled, Estrogen Rising. Ample is currently in search of a publisher, taking up space with the the gigabytes of my computer waiting for a release date.

I moved to France. Huh? Yes, you heard that right. The Glowing Bloviator sent me around the bend, to Paris. Thank you Glowing Bloviator. Two plus years ago I parked my business, put my belongings in storage and sold my house, but not my wife. Together, we leaped in to the void, landing in socialist France not knowing a single soul. Vive la France!

Fast forward, two plus years, I have an apartment in the heart of Paris, I started a legal business, I have clients, who pay me Euros, I pay taxes, I have a French social security number, I have a Carte Vitale, the—golden egg—health care card of the Nationalist system in France, and I have friends. Comment est-ce possible? Intention, kindness from the locals, and one filled out document after another. And, it doesn’t hurt to have an awesome wife. Aside from global meltdown, I’ve never been happier.

And what else do you do, Doug?  I write in the city of lights.

My third book is nearing completion. With the help of his dead brother, every man Stanley James, sufferer of all things human, will finally venture out and treat himself right. Just like me.

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