About Doug


If Doug Piotter was a house, his Higher Power started the restoration project by taking him down to the studs. After two decades of reckless behavior, gripping drug addiction and petty crime evolving into bank robbery, Piotter’s life became its own Ground Zero. The long hustle and life among the seedy addicts in Seattle ended on the day he started a 115-month prison sentence. But, the day of his arrest back in 1993 was also the last time he ever used drugs and the last time he ever committed a crime.

In the “long welcome back,” as he writes in his book Fixed: Dope sacks, dye packs and the long welcome back,”  Piotter built a successful construction company, sustained a happy marriage to artist Terrell Lozada, became an active member of his recovery community and uncovered a hidden talent as a comedic author.

Doug is still alive in Seattle and aspires to go to Canada one day. He spends his time between running his construction business and being the world’s best husband to his wife, artist Terrell Lozada (whose artwork is on the top of this page). Being an avid talker, he shares his experiences with anyone who will listen, especially his dog Zinc.

To purchase your copy of FixedClick here

Piotter Construction 

Terrell Lozada Art

Contact doug.piotter@gmail.com


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