French Crack

Man cannot live on bread alone, but I’m making a solid effort. The croissant has become an extension of my hand. I imagine that in heaven there’s a bakery on every block, so I’d better be good until I arrive. Scratch that, I’m in Paris where there's 4 bakeries on every block, better than heaven. …

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In the horn honking competition, Parisians are second only to the Italians, followed by clowns, with Canadian geese and taxis rounding out the field. Parisian streets are thin. The city planners of the tenth century were a tad short-sighted on where things were going, the people were smaller and le Big Mac wasn't even a …

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World Cup finals is a finale and a first

It's 6 a.m. and that vat of fermented cabbage my Croat neighbours are preparing for the championship game is full of life. I'm sure it is the beginning of something wonderful and tastes better than it smells. I hope France become the champions, English champions, because in French, a champignon is a mushroom, and that …

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